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Australians are becoming far more selective about their home care and cleaning products. We believe we offer the perfect solution.

That’s why sales of natural and organic products have never been stronger. However, outside the home, people may have little choice about their exposure to harmful chemicals. For example, parents may have no idea what kinds of cleaning products are being used where they send their children to school – or in other community areas used by family members. Our aim is to provide products to as many of these institutions as possible for your safety and comfort.


We provide long-term peace of mind for Australian businesses.

Our aim is to replace all the toxic cleaning chemicals in every Australian business with organically sourced plant based alternatives. We have carefully formulated our Tripure commercial range to help protect people from harmful chemicals and allergic reactions – while delivering the highest quality results. We manufacture all of our premium products here in Australia, working closely with our biochemists in Europe.


Tripure cleaning and odour control products provide triple protection:

  1. Protecting you
  2. Protecting your customers
  3. Protecting the environment